Embodied Emotion and the Healing Process

Seminars in Bodypsychotherapy and the Effects of Embodied Emotion on the overall health of one's patients; for doctors and healthcareworkers in partnership with Dr. Frank Rohricht, (see frankrohricht.com), an enactive approach to healing.


Most MD’s have had very little training in psychology and interpersonal relationships.  Sometimes, the most genial doctors are told they have a “terrible bedside manner”. 


This work is meant to fill in the blanks and aid the client in understanding both themselves and their patients on a deeper level.  In order to do this, they must be willing to explore their own emotional life and their relationship to their feelings. Clients will also learn to read their patients' emotions in a new way, through training in body language and character types, including their different expressions.  They will learn to discriminate between different emotions and understand them appropriately in a given situation.  This enables the client to use emotional information as a guide to authentic communication.


Educational elements:


-- understanding the economy of energy in the body: (Reich/Pierrakos) 

-- dealing with energetic blocks in the body

-- learning how these obstructions in the body are recognizable also in the psyche, the emotional body and the spiritual self or value 



What is Energy?  


Questions will be posed and discussions will be held, such as:

-- How does illness express a dysfunction of this energy in the body?

-- What is Pain?

-- What can be considered to aid in the healing of the whole patient as an energy system?

-- What part does my own relationship to emotions play in the healing of my patients? 


Personal training or coaching will be available as a support from Dr. Rohricht and/or myself.

Additional Work:

--Exploring material created by Dr. John C. Pierrakos and the Energetic Character Structures 

--Understanding transference and countertransference from this point of view as per Dr. Andre Leites

--Addressing how this affects the relationship between doctor/healthcare worker and patient/client.


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---Understanding applied embodied cognition and how this knowledge can affect your practice.