Music was always the place where I could

have all my feelings. It has been a part of

my life since I can remember. 


This is just a page where I can share some

of those experiences and some of the music:

You can visit


Regis Moreira and I doing a Brazilian Jazz Gig.

Bud Snyder, myself and Marc Mannino at the recording of my CD, October 2016.

  Some of the last vocals of the CD in the booth.

  at Spirit Ranch Recording Studio. 

THE MOSCOW STORY:  It was 1989 in Berlin, Germany.  I was working on some songs with a Russian band called 'Voyage" (this was around the time that  the wall came down)...we wrote a song called "Face to Face"in the basement of a house  in Berlin where I recorded all my tunes. We wrote it and recorded it in a day and a half. They went back to Moscow and called me at the beginning of December saying "We are just waiting for you",  so off I went to Moscow in December, all by myself.  I stayed a few weeks and performed with them and made a couple of new videos. Face to Face was shown over 3 times a day on Russian Moscow 1 TV for over a year. Unfortunately, there were no rubles for Annie, but an experience of a lifetime. We continued to work together for 3 years, as a Russian/American music project. I was told they played the video at the Gorbachev-Bush meeting.  Anecdote of before photo taken: I was so scared behind the big red velvet curtains waiting for my name to be called (mind you this was on a Russian Army Base and the Generals were in the front row and the soldiers were making smoke with an antiquated pushing machine) and my palms started to sweat very heavily. I saw a sculpture of Lenin backstage and he had red velvet curtains, so I wiped my hand on Lenin's curtains and went on stage. Here's one of the pics with Olga Rozhnova and me.