"I first met Annie Addington in 1987 when I started my training in integrated body psychotherapy in the Netherlands and Annie was one of the leading teachers.


Over a period of four years, I had ample opportunity to witness Annie’s teaching and training style and her profound integrity and honesty whilst working with different and difficult dynamics and personalities.  Annie is a very experienced teacher, therapist and coach. She always maintained a position of pure altruistic respect for the individual she worked with and her deep emotional intelligence enabled her to reach out to and connect with bodyminds (hearts and souls) of the most diverse people.  I am very grateful for what I have learned from her during those crucial years of my education.


In the years following the completion of the training, we became friends and colleagues, sharing a passion about working with and for people in crisis, people in search for new answers to old problems and last, but not least, a passion about creativity and the Arts as reliable sources for pleasure and transformation in life.  "


Frank Röhricht MD, Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Medical Director, London/UK  



"The Women’s Workshops I experienced with Annie Addington were just stunning! She has the awareness to capture one’s verbal and nonverbal expression, either as a direct or hidden message, then she focuses on how to help you -  the client -  understand the ‘workings’ of yourself, empowering you to make your own changes and decisions.  All this will happen in a creative atmosphere, surrounded by laughter, tears and music."

Karin Koberling, Germany


I participated in Annie's seminars, from 1981 until 1987 . First,  I visited a therapy group and then ended up doing my training in Bodypsychotherapy based on Core Energetics (Pierrakos)  with her.


In both groups,  she was one of the two senior therapists. Annie is a very versatile therapist who has profound knowledge and a wealth of experience. Above all, I like her intuitive and spiritual,  (but not dogmatic ),  way of working.


Annie is not afraid to confront the participants in the seminar in a direct, but always engaging and humane way with the hidden aspects of the self.  She is always genuine, respectful and supportive. Especially, her infectious, never-hurtful humor and her creativity are the choice of methods.


Thus, in her  seminars, despite the seriousness of the themes, there is always joy and ease.   I am very grateful for the fact that I have been given the opportunity to assist in Annie's long-standing women's group, where I learned a lot. 


Prof. Dr. Dorothee Heckhausen, Professor of Management, Quality Management and Ethics in Health Care, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin

"Annie is an amazing listener, and is incredibly smart and insightful. She is also both sharp and soulful (two qualities that don't often co-exist.) It is due to these, and many other wonderful skills/gifts, that make her a powerful coach.  I benefited greatly from working with her."

--Danielle Gibson, USA


Berlin, Germany 2019


I''ve known Annie Addington for many years.  I did my training in integrated Bodyspsychotherapy (Pierrakos) in 1988 in Wuppertal. She was a teacher and trainer of our course.  Annie is very empathetic and honest in her work and is characterized by a deep emotional understanding, so that it is easy to open without fear and to recognize one's own personality in the security of her great experience and her knowledge.

After completing my education, Annie offered a group for abused women in Berlin from 1994 to 1997, which I co-directed with her as her assistant. Annie developed the confidence of each and every one of these injured women by listening attentively, carefully and with respect and individually supporting them through the path of their past to build courage for the future.

I have been greatly enriched by this work and experience with Annie, and I am still good friends with her today.

Annie is a person with deep emotions, a great deal of experience, a lot of knowledge of human nature and full of cordiality and a never-ending sense of humor. She is always interested in her counterpart and conveys security and confidence.

Angelika Biermann, Berlin 2019

Annie was the leader of my training group in Bodypsychotherapy and Core Energetics (Pierrakos). The training lasted three years and ended with a certificate. 


 Annie is a very empathetic and energetic woman. Her strong personality has been shaped by diverse life experiences and strokes of fate. Her great empathy and rich therapeutic knowledge, her diverse human experiences and expressive possibilities, also supported by accurate facial expressions and gestures, led to deep experiences on the part of the clients in each session  With Annie's spontaneity, many situations were, however, relaxed and jokingly turned into positives.


An important means of expression is Annie's own voice, which she could use from loud and determined to gentle and tender. She has therefore captured the mood of each client immediately by the sound of their voices and interpreted  that sound for diagnostic purposes.  Since she is a singer, she is aware of all facets of vocal expression.


Time just flew by in this many-sided therapeutic program. We cried a lot during the therapy sessions, but we certainly laughed a lot, as well. 


Margarete Zeyns, Counselor, Naturopath, Flensburg, 2019